Nevada State Trapshooting Association

The game of trap (unlike skeet and sporting clays) is less of a social game and more of a game of concentration and focus. Some of the shooting etiquette guidelines listed below are for safety and some are simply just common sense. Even though trap shooters uphold themselves with a high level of seriousness during a round, doesn't mean that there isn't room for fun and games after the round is over or while in the crowds spectating. Trust me, no matter how serious you are, if you make a mistake like dropping the 25th target during a perfect round you and your fellow shooters will find plenty of time for jokes and laughter after the round is over. Become familiar with the following suggestions and practice them as often as you can:

Keeping the above in mind will make you a better squad shooter and prep you for competition shooting. The end goal is for everyone to share the same common courtesy and in return, experience the same level of enjoyment from shooting.