Breaking News - Attention all Nevada shooters that travel to CA for shoots

From:  Gregory Pink, NSTA President

It has come to my attention that CA has implemented new laws with respect to Ammunition possession and sales for out of state residents (CA Proposition 63).  I encourage you to fully research the new requirements prior to traveling to CA.  My interpretation of some of the new, more restrictive, requirements are as follows:

  1. As of Jan. 1,2019, you can't bring ammo in from out of state.
  2. As a non-CA resident, it will be illegal to possess ammo in your car or truck while in CA.
  3. As of July 1, 2019, you can't buy ammo in CA unless you have a CA driver's license & submit to a “mini” background check. Consult your CA-based ammo store for clarification.
  4. If the CA club where you compete at sells ammo, my understanding is that you can buy it at the club, but it cannot leave the grounds. It has to stay at club.

This is not meant to be taken as legal advice. Please seek clarification before you travel to CA to shoot.

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After reading these documents, use what works best for you.

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